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Sep. 30th, 2009 01:34 am
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Really quite weary the last couple of days as I recuperate from a bout of Man-Flu, (Courtesy of Bin, methinks. Thanks, pal).

This was exacerbated by a couple of days of C & me growling at each other. I've been under the weather; she's been stressed out. As usual, I can't even remember what kicked it off.

I'm planning to pack in the baccy. 35 years of smoking is going to end this year.

Yes: 35 yrs.

(At least no one can accuse me of lacking the ability to commit).

Now, I just have to un-commit. I have the outline of a game plan already and the number for the local quitters support people. I am cultivating a strong image in my mind of a smug tobacco company exec farting around in his merc while I pay him for the pleasure of slowly losing lung capacity.
Spoke to my doc about it and he told me he it would be best to check in with him every couple of weeks to begin with as there's a chance it may make the M.E. worse for the first few weeks. Typical...  

It rather defies logic that attempting NOT to do something should be so difficult. Surely inaction ought to be easier than actually having to consciously DO a thing. Just don't do it, right? To make the effort or not to make the effort; which is easier?
Yet while I'm picturing the smug exec and focussing on the benefits of NOT bothering to do something, I look down a cig has magically appeared in my hand. What's that all about? Must try harder. 

Anyway, here's to venturing nothing in order to achieve something.

For the record, this decision is entirely for my own reasons and not the least influenced by the nanny state-sponsored and cowardly persecution of smokers currently in force in our fair(?) land.
(Maybe next time they'll have the balls to go for drinkers. Statistically, they cause more death and misery than smokers ever did). 

p.s. I hereby give permission to anyone reading this to kick me up the arse (Bishop Brennan-stylee) if I become one of those poacher-turned-gamekeeper, smug, fat, lecturing, patronising evangelical ex-smokers. 
You can even shout, "No-one likes a quitter!" at me.


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