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The personal preacher of Pope Benny (aka: ex-nazi youth member Joey Ratzinger) has pronounced that accusations against the pope and the church of harbouring/protecting paedophiles is equivalent to the “collective violence” visited upon the Jews during The Holocaust.

The Rev. Raniero ("Some of my best friends are Jews") Cantalamessa used his Good Friday sermon to tell listeners that a Jewish friend of his had said to him that the wave of outrage following the numerous revelations of cover-up reminded him of the “more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism.”

It's a rare event, I know, but I just can't find the words right now.

Maybe later.

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I could do a long post detailing the long and revealing chat I had with Mum but the revelations were more final confirmations than anything else. These being:

Yes, it seems that the family consensus is that I fired up Dad's cancer by daring to stand up to him.

No, his apology wasn't genuine – he just didn't want to continue discussing the subject.

I had to take some time to work out how I really felt about that.






Not really. Maybe.

Anger is pointless at this stage and I've been through Bitter and out the other side - also pointless, now.

A little sad, perhaps.

Sad at the waste of otherwise 'ok' human beings if they could only take time for some honest self-reflection.

Frustration comes from failure to achieve the unachievable. So, not frustration, either.

I guess I'm just disappointed. But it's only the disappointment you get from having not achieved a goal that was unrealistic to start with – like a kid wanting to be Spiderman when he grows up.

Well, I grew up. I can deal with that.

On a side note, during a brief visit, Sibling #2 came out with some strikingly venomous, Daily-Mail-Reader diatribe about homosexuals and the abhorrent way they give each other bowel cancer - among other things. Apparently, an A&E nurse friend of his is appalled at having to treat the terrible damage they inflict on each other with their unnatural acts. And, worse still, the rules say that he/she must still 'affirm' (said with a sneer) their life-choices.
It's all because of this 'tolerance' and 'equality' nonsense infecting our society, apparently.

My lad and I were a little gobsmacked to be honest. We accept that Sib #2 makes Oliver Cromwell look like a namby-pamby liberal, but how does one even begin to address such an arrogant, judgmental and, let's face it, Prideful attitude?

I said I might have to check the extraordinary facts and figures he was quoting and we kind of agreed to disagree for now.

Pointless really. When it comes down to it, when has hard statistical evidence ever swayed such people from their 'righteous' indignation. After all, they're only following God's instructions, right?

On the up side, I got to spend time with 'me boy', which was great. We had some good and, I hope, helpful, chats about Life, The Universe, etc.

Despite the rest of it, I feel strangely fine. It's not like I didn't know the family creed anyway. In a way, it's a liberating thing.

Mum said at one point that I sounded so bitter. I replied that I had felt extremely bitter in the past, and with very good reason, but now I feel vindicated and, with that comes the freedom to let go of all the crap I'll never be able to change and just get on with my own life.

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I am generally made a little uncomfortable by religious answers to mundane events/problems. Especially when they are announced in that unnerving tone of utter, unshakeable certainty. (Images of The Children of the Damned flit across my mind's eye. Like I said: Unnerving).

For instance, I was trawling the interweb and came across the following response to a youtube posting mentioning the recent tsunamis. In the midst of the more mundane posts responding to the piece was this:  

"The reason for these earthquakes is because the tribulation is coming soon.
MARK 13:5-8
5Jesus said to them: "Watch out that no one deceives you. 6Many will come in´╗┐ my name, claiming, 'I am he,' and will deceive many. 7When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 8Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains." 

Such prophesy is astounding in its accuracy, isn't it? What? You mean they knew even back then that, in the future, there would be wars and natural disasters and people claiming to know all the answers?? Woah, dude...! 
I almost bothered to post a reply to it but, in a moment of uncharacteristic restraint, I chose not to enter into a crock of pointless blah blah with someone so obviously detached from the real world. I would never get that time back. 
Of course, the whole point is that, if people continue to announce the 'Nigh-ness' of the End of the World daily, and for long enough, one day they will be quite right. On the down-side, it's unlikely they will be around to say "Nyaa nyaa! Told you so! See? We were right all along!"
Shame, really.

One important piece of advice I was given many years ago when I began working in a psychiatric day hospital was, "Don't try to challenge delusions. It's potentially dangerous and, more to the point, it's a complete waste of time."

Stage 1.
"Why do you accept The Bible as the word of God?"
"Because it says so."
"Where does it say that?"
"In The Bible, of course."
"But, how do you know that's true?"
"Because it's the word of God."
"How do you know..." etc, etc, ad inf...

Stage 2.
Occurs when logical, evidence-based  discussion grind to an inevitable halt:

"Given that we've established that there exists no viable evidence to substantiate your claims, why do you still believe as you do?"
"Because I have faith."

At this point, unless one particularly enjoys the feeling of repeated contact between brick and forehead, one needs to step away avoiding unnecessary sudden movements.
The thing about any atheist vs theist debate is that it is unlikely in the extreme that anyone changes sides. There are, of course, celebrated cases of noted non-theists having Damascus-style conversions while, at the same time, overt religious worship is, worldwide, becoming a practice more and more associated with the word 'quaint' or 'cooky' (and quite commonly, 'nutter').
Religions no longer have the immense power and influence that they once had. This is a good thing. However, the world is still a troubling place and facing reality a more frightening concept to embrace.
We all have our shelters from the trials of the outside world. Maybe, I'm getting softer in my old age, but I should really be more charitable to those who choose surrender to religious doctrine as theirs.

It took me a while to realise that, when meaningless, religious tripe is spouted at me, the hackles I feel are not rising because of any dislike of the 'spouter', but anger at the Croesus-rich institutions that corrupted this otherwise (possibly) worthwhile human being into a disseminator of their own flawed doctrine; one of many who exist simply to justify the institution in question's continued, but, otherwise, anachronistic, existence. 

This gives me to think that I should, instead, feel pity for the 'spouter'. However, that makes me feel that I am being patronising to someone with sincere, but naive, beliefs - which is, ironically, exactly how they are acting towards me. And I hate: 1. The thought of being patronising and, 2. That I might be likened to them.
Which makes me angry...

Ho hum...


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