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Picked Nat up for a pre-recording fry-up at Dave's Caff at about 10am.
Got to the session about midday feeling decidedly bloated - very professional approach,  I must say.

Nevertheless, we've now got just about all the vocals backing done, barring last minute tweaks, and made good inroads into the basic backline on a couple of the numbers. I'm still feeling very positive about the outcome.
Bad = hand pains again interfered with strumming.  

Open mike night at the local pub tonight and was persuaded to go by a couple of friends from 'The Isfield Soul Review' (see entries for July 13th/25th).
Pleasant time overall - helped with backing on renditions of 'Hallelujah' and 'Mrs Robinson' and did a solo with Mike Harding's 'The Bogeyman' just for a 'larf'.    

Back now and ready for snoozeland.
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Had a pretty rough night last night with joint aches and very tenacious indigestion. Finally got to sleep about 4am.

Actually got a lie-in this morning till 9-9.30ish!

At 11, I went down to Brighton to pick up Nat and headed over to Mick's place. Mick was the instigator of the whole band/first-gig-for-20-years thing a few weeks ago.
Mick and his son, Dan, piloted the equipment while Nat and I started getting down the vocals for a "special project". I think we made a pretty good start and it's already sounding good. The idea was to get the majority of Nat's stuff down today since, unlike her, I don't have to work around varying shift patterns.

T'was a very pleasant afternoon indeed and, as always, the greatest pleasure was getting to duet with my lil' girl.
I'm back there again tomorrow to get more of my stuff done.

In all, I'm rather a contented old git tonight :)


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