As If

Sep. 14th, 2010 05:24 pm
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If I don't make you smile, then why am I here?
Do you no longer need to call my name?
I can't hold on to what has disappeared
Could you not kiss what I became?
Smile for me as if it was your last
Call me as if I had said goodbye
Hold me as if I were made of glass
Kiss me as if I were about to die.


Jul. 23rd, 2010 07:04 am
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A list of charges

The defence responds

To a wall of faces

Accusers/jurors the same

Already certain

Of their sloping-shouldered verdict

But form must be followed

Creeds protected

The accused leaves the dock

With more reasons to forgive

Than sins to be forgiven for.

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Can We Book This Studio by the Minute?


You know I've got ya

And Its gonna cost ya

It may be wrong

That I'm so young


I can't really sing

This voice ain't me

But we got this thing

Called 'technology'


I'm monotone

Till the mixing session

Around four chords

In anthemic progression


Don't write no lyrics

Don't write no tunes

They just need The Face

Or they could use baboons


I'm a ladies' man

I'm cool and mean

Make all my fans damp

And I'm just sixteen!


(Here comes the rap bit...)


'So right'... er... 'tonight'...

'baby'... um... 'love me'...

'love ya'... hmm... er... 'above ya'

…um... 'can't you see?'... '(something, something + preposition) me'...


Dance bit,






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"Doesn't it bother you?"
Her incorporeal companion asked,
"To see your time usurped?
To see your name stolen
And used for the gain
Of worldly power?"

She looked beyond the stained glass,
The golden ornaments,
The gaudy vestments,
The empty chants,
And saw the eyes of an expectant
Smile at the face of a newborn.
"My time has always come.
For seekers of influence
And the innocent, both,
I do what I do."
She replied, smiling gently
(And a thousand flowers bloomed;
A thousand eggs ignited with life).
"I simply do what I do."

Through the stout doors
Beneath the rich, carven arch,
Souls went on their way.
Mounting poisonous beasts,
They rolled over the stone-not-stone
Of suppressed growth,
To lives bought with life.

For a brief moment,
Her old friend thought he saw
A flicker of uncertainty
In her ever-youthful face.

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Leading the Blind

This complex world
I brought you to
Taxing, tiring
Confusing, I know
I'll try hard to help

Poorly equipped
The lot of us
Slipping, tripping
No answers have I
But knowledge of falls

You are unsure
And here I am
Decades ahead
Answering questions
I'm asking myself

I've led the way
Taken the blows
Made the mistakes
So that my hard scars
Would teach you somehow

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Hello, Walt?
Well... Not so 'how', Walt.
I'm rather dead, actually.
Yes, well, Thank you.

I understand my wife spoke to you
Yes? She sold the rights to you?
And the Bear.
And his Friends and Relations, too.
And, how's that working out 'ya'?
Sterling Holloway?
But, he's American - from Georgia.
I lived by Ashdown Forest, Walt
Yes, It's still in 'Jolly' England, Walt
American settlers, Walt?
No, Not really,
As far as I know, Walt.

No English, Just U.S?
Just stuffy Owl...
Because he's 'Pompous'...
I see.
Your pardon, good sir...?
You mean
There's more...!?
A “Go-Fur?”
What's a Go-Fur, Walt??


No. Really...

I'm sorry, but I need to go.
You see, what nerves I have, are rattled so.
But, just keep in mind, Walt, while you're earning,
In his grave, this 'guy' is turning...
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Lazy Motherf**ker.
Best Friend,
Sociopathic B*gger.
Wanna-be Rock Singer.
Cold Heart,
Dark Sheen,
S*dding, Grumpy Has-Been.
But, Oh, So Bl*ody Lucky(?)
Old Goat,
Self-Preserving Faker.
Even If It's Trite Sh*t
Won't Dance
Warrior With A Broken Lance
Good Lay
Why You're Being So Snippy
Go On, Try!

...Define Me.

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My LJ and I
Drift right on by
Red as a cynic
Grey as lost souls
Amber as the embers of Loki's net.

My LJ and me
Bob on a sea
Blue as broken life
Green as new love
Say hi and I'll try to reply to you.

Our Ljs and we
White as a clown's face
Pink as a smile
Purple as a plea for someone to hear.
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Silent night, fakery night,

Children's eyes

Watch the skies

Parents spend and families stress

Goods decide your happiness

Prove you love by spending

Prove your love through your purse.

Christmas time, marketing time,

Stockings weighed

Wealth deflates

Obligations to kith and kin

Don't spend more on her than him

While what we'd most like to see

Is a debt-free January

Prozac mum, Heineken dad

Turkeys die

The starving cry

Homeless shelters are full to the brim

While Jesus basks in the worship of Him

Lost in our vacuous thrills

The lonely all reach for their pills

Holidays are a' coming

Rejoice! Till the start of next year.

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There was a young woman I know,
Whose bum hung incredibly low.
It came in quite neat
When finding a seat,
But it wasn't much fun in the snow


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I ask you what I am to you
When you and I are rivals
You employ the use of proper nouns
And eschew the adjectivals

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Lazarus Emotion

Every time it ends

It ends so deeply

So cold and crushing

We cannot see the bottom

So soon, there is

No up,

No down

No light above



Stripped of volition

Overcome by pressures

We cannot withstand

Let alone fight

Though strike out we do

In futile hope

Or habit


Nov. 24th, 2009 02:20 am
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There is a place I go

A solid bastion

Almost the ultimate refuge

Proof against the Painful,

The Pestilent, the Sad

Except, somehow,

You got your hands on the @*% spare key!

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Daddy's Book

My Daddy tells me how to live.

He wrote it in a book

My Daddy tells me what to think

Who to hate and where to look

He tells me, “Be compassionate

To those who will not learn.”

He tells me “Teach the ignorant

Or else they'll surely burn.”

My Daddy preaches love for all

Even for those He damns

And the ones I curse and burn and kill

(For I am my Father's Hand)

Comfort comes from giving up

On thinking for myself

From judging others from moral peaks

From one book upon a shelf

My Daddy promised eternal life

I want to live with Him

Immortality beckons me

The Devil takes those who sin

I need my faith, my stout belief

No ambiguity

Damned be logic, damned be thought

I need my Certainty

My Daddy preaches tolerance

And love for fellow man

Unless you're are a Liberal

Or gay

Or a Darwin fan.

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Rain. Singing Me. Voicing Soul's song.
Wind. Be the strength that I don't have. Pounding. Impotent.
But heard. (If only by me).
Take a Mind.
Wring it out like a sponge.
Take a Trust.
Deceive it. Then laugh.
Take a Heart.
Cut round it. Twist it like an apple.
Take a Love.
Make a contract only you can change on a whim.
Take my Guts.
Turn like spaghetti on a fork. Repeat.
Drain me. Make black pudding.
Make me watch myself eat it.
I won't cry. I can't cry. I dare not start.
This hollow shape is a keg of tears.
A pottery soldier.
Will not. Cannot. Dare not crack.
Repaired. Patch over patch over patch.
Over patch.
Have to.
Or else
Cry into Eternity.


Oct. 15th, 2009 03:24 pm
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The world turns

Unconcerned with our striving.

The rational shields we polish to outshine reality

Grow dull with complacency.

Beware complacency.

Polish harder.


Or be ever tarnished.

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If For The Modern Age

If you can keep your job while all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can keep a nest egg when all men suspect you
But make allowance in case that one is discovered too,
If you can make one heap of other peoples' savings
And risk it all in one turn of pitch and toss,
And lose it, (but keep your bonus), despite the crowd's ravings
And avoid the sack and dodge your gamble's loss
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of being a wanker
Yours is an advisory post and all that comes with it
And - which is more - you'll be an investment banker! 


Oct. 9th, 2009 11:14 pm
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Time for a spot of verse/maybe lyrics: ( A work in progress)

A Moral Snapshot

She likes Prozac with her cornflakes

Because she's never understood

His coffee is black and bitter
Because it goes well with his mood

Better you have a certain foe

Than a friend who can't be trusted

The only world you can accept

Is the one that you've constructed

The greedy don't stop needing

While the unlucky are bereft

War can never prove who's right

It just shows you who is left

Can those bright lights bring completeness?

She has a burning need for fame

Fifteen minutes: Chase the dream

An empty soul will still remain

Want what you have; not what you want

Lives aren't about applause

Nature may be unforgiving

But she never breaks her laws

Sin Eater

Feb. 14th, 2009 12:36 am
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What if I wasn't here?

The broad shadow I cast

By the light of your moral indignation

Hides a myriad of truths

You would have to face alone.


What would you all do then?

Would you seek another

Of your own number to carry your disdain?

I would carry it still,

Your elected sin eater.


Do you all need me so?

Are my sins magnified,

Unforgiven and paraded before me

To keep me in my place,

Or to elevate yourselves?


Yours, the moral high ground!

Rampart of select truths.

Armour, self righteous, gleams under your own sun.

Your shields, unmoving, hide

Your lonely, secret terror


What purpose defences?

The one you declare foe

Exists but to support your fragile world view.

The man behind the myth

Lives at peace with his kin


So, what of tomorrow?

Your hollow tribal creed

So carefully composed to deny your flaws

Rings in empty chapels

While the real world continues.


What is it you fear most?

The truth reflects both ways

Better to leave the heretic in the jail

Than face that which we loathe:

The accused with a mirror.


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