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Really buggered up in the sleep pattern department.


Submitted the latest version of the 'e-obituary' tonight (Dad in graduation gown from, I don't know, ten years ago perhaps). Hopefully the last version since the wording has now changed to a degree that I can't claim any 'ownership' of it. This doesn't bother me particularly, to be honest. Obituaries written by people close to the deceased can never be strictly objective.

Managed to talk to #1 about the increasing number of hymns I was expected to contribute to at the requiem. I pointed out that my original impression was that I should select one of the two he sent me and learn the guitar for that. Over the last week, this seemed to grow. At the eventual mention of 'Amazing Grace' I truly felt discomfort. I told him I was getting twitchy because:

a) My agoraphobia was going to be going off big-time in the church, especially as I was at least committed to hanging in there until the hymns were over and had no subtle way of escaping if I began to freak out.

b) As the family member most known for being non-Christian, I really wasn't going to be comfortable singing uber-Christian lyrics at people even if I could act like they meant anything.

c) My M.E. would drop me like a sack of the proverbial if I had to perform three or four hymns at the requiem and then do a speech at the crematorium. Given the choice, I know which commitment I would want to pace myself for.


He was very understanding and accommodating anyway, so I needn't have worried. Turns out I'll strum along to two songs and there is no 'requirement' for me to sing.


I think I've finished my Eulogy now. I'm giving it a couple of days before reading it back, just to make sure. It's not too bad if I say so myself. I heard today that I am going to be the first up of the three speeches so at least the chances are that mine won't be the one they remember.

I guess I'm just impatient to get the rituals out of the way. Two weeks is a long time to brood before saying a final farewell. I can't imagine how it must feel for Mum.

Other news: Nat and Saul have finally moved to the new, and apparently much smaller flat but the bonus is they're not having to share anymore. Candia went to help them sort the old flat out and move their stuff a couple of days ago and didn't get home till 3 am, bless her. I simply wasn't in any state to be useful to anyone that day, so I stayed home and refereed the kids. I'll be taking Daisy over there tomorrow for a look at it. It's quite near the beach, I'm told.


Fading again now, so snoozy time for me.


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