Nov. 4th, 2009 11:21 am
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I rather like this.


Graceful Departure

I want an end like autumn leaves
That gracefully depart the tree.
A life beyond the edge of branch
My season reached, a freedom's chance.

To drift upon a breeze refined
Descending toward my life's design.
To welcome all these changes sown
From light received to splendor shown.

And when I've reached my place of rest
I hope my life, by then, shines best.
As I depart this withered shell
With peaceful colors chosen well.

by Scott Scherr

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I like Autumn. It's my favourite season. All the elements are expressed so vividly; earthy smells, fiery colours, watery skies, fresh, airy winds.

The world slips into torpor with the message: “I hope you're all well-stocked because I'm going on holiday and turning off the central heating. (I'll leave the water on for you, though).”

Sometimes I feel that pull into listlessness myself. It's not unpleasant but it's as if my spirit is withdrawing like a sort of ectoplasmic sap. The physical experience of the world around me continues but the incorporeal line that connects me to everyday interactions feels stretched and thin sometimes and the awareness of Nature's slow-down becomes more acute.

It's not S.A.D., exactly. Well, not in any negative sense, anyway. I'm sure there's a rational, biological reason for it. I mean, the idea that man is above the ebb and flow of Nature's rhythms is just plain arrogance (and the cause of a great deal of our current problems!).

I wonder if anyone else feels a change like this?

If not, I guess I'm just cuckoo, eh?


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