Jun. 25th, 2010

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All experiences and interractions are learning situations. It's not who or what we encounter in life; it's what we take away from such experiences.
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So, I've decided to think positively about the trip to Florida.
Positive things to look forward to:

The kids are going to love it
Air Conditioning
BIG Food
Swimming Pool + BAR at the hotel
The thought that I could pretend to be 424th in line for the throne and see what happened

In other news, over the last 2-3 weeks, what began as a bit of an informal jam with a few local chaps has developed into a booking to play the Isfield Fete on 10th July. 
Despite only four or five band practices, (one of which I'll miss next week), we'll be performing a set of 8-10? predominantly soul/blues covers. Whatever the outcome, it's been interesting to see what the 20 or so years since I stood before a mike has done to my abilities.  
I've lost some range, understandably. (I remember singing along to Boston's 'More Than A Feeling' in reasonable comfort in me 'Yoof').
I have to admit, my throat endurance is now much poorer, too, but with some judicious set ordering, I'll probably get through.
The greatest benefit is that Nat agreed to join us. Her great voice, backing and main vocs, takes a lot of pressure from her old dad while simultaneously granting one of my long-held wishes that we would officially perform together live one day.

As it is, the set is loaded onto the iPod ready for the holiday so I can do some homework while I'm away because, once I get back, there's ONE more practice before the gig...  

We don't even have a name yet.
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I just realised another positive thing about the Florida trip.

It puts me on the same land mass as Lucy Liu.

Now, THAT is a positive thought to cling to.

Unrealistic... perhaps even delusional.

With a bit of 'creepy' thrown in.



Blue Skies

Jun. 25th, 2010 08:32 pm
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Looked at the weather for the Orlando area today.

Overcast most of the week with 30-50% chance of rain and thunderstorms looming on the horizon.


Bring it on!


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